Renew SSM
Reprint SSM

Why renew online with e-Renew?

Online e-Renew

RM 110
  • Full page renewal (3-4 pages)
  • Softcopy files
    - Easy to print out everytime you need it
    - Easy to make submission via email, WhatsApp or other online medium
    - If lost we do offer a guarantee to retrieve or re-print your SSM softcopy files with no additional charge after you successfully renew your SSM here (cost RM0)
  • Hassle free
    - You will receive your new SSM certificate as fast as 1 hour
    - Renew anytime and anywhere at your fingertips
  • More discount if you renew more than a year

Offline Renew

RM 60
  • 1 page renewal
  • No softcopy. Hardcopy only
    - Hard to make copies
    - Hard to make submission via online medium
    - If lost or damaged need to pay the cost of retrieval or re-print (cost RM40+)
  • So much hassle
    - You need to queue at the counter and take a long time waiting for the document to be ready
  • Fixed price. No discount even you renew more than a year

*Online SSM renewal not applicable for SDN BHD, BHD & PLT.